The introduction information booklet "Kahoku mountain good luck hambunko" of Kahoku eleventh is distributing.

The information booklet "Kahoku mountain good luck hambunko" to introduce autumn of Kahoku to eleventh is completed and distributes.
From introductions such as people protecting farmland in keyword with "rice" from Kahoku this time, how to cook rice
"Autumn potato, chestnut vaunted highway," information of "industrial festival" is varied!
Specifically, please see the following PDF data.
kahoku2017 autumn _1
kahoku2017 autumn _2

About announcement of visiting 2017 Yamaga garden lanterns Festival Yamaga garden lanterns stamp rally elected candidate

In stamp rally which we carried out by Yamaga garden lantern Festival of 15.16 days in August, we appreciate your participating in many people from the prefecture outside.
As elected candidate was decided, as a result of fair lottery, we will tell.
As prize will ship in future, please wait to enjoy that it arrives at hand.

List of 2017 garden lanterns Festival stamp rally elected candidates

Lotus Festival contest prize-winning work

Mt. 2017 shikaori lotus Festival "photographic contest," thank you for much application for "haiku contest" and "child sketching meet". As a result of examination, prize-winning work was decided as follows.
○Photographic contest
  129 number of the application 339 points
○Haiku contest
  119 parts of 66 parts of the number of the application public 187 points, child 160 points
○Child sketching meet
  21 points of number of the application

※Please confirm prize-winning work with each PDF file.

In addition, we perform display of prize-winning work as follows.
・It is 1-24 days in December for 1-30 days in September, 2017
Gallery "wind of all ages" in product museum of Kaou contact building

2017 lotus Festival photographic contest prize-winning work

2017 lotus Festival haiku contest prize-winning work

2017 lotus Festival child sketching meet prize-winning work

Of "the third shiningly village forest school" recruit participants!

Do you not sense autumn of village forest bodily in Kikukamachi, Yamaga-shi?

<the date>
We gather at 13:00 on Sunday for from Saturday, November 11, 2017 to 12th

<holding place>
Depths Yatani Valley shiningly

<class schedule> ※There is no rainy weather decisive action, postponement
11th Saturday: Physical education / walking 2.8km
Science / daikon & potato moat ri
Dinner of free time, dinner / ① the camping or ② village forest
Going to bed (bungalow)
12th Sunday: Getting up, breakfast (from 7:30 to 8:30)
The making of home economics / chestnut dumpling

<the application deadline>
It must arrive by Saturday, October 21, 2017
※In the case of a lot of applications, it becomes lottery.

As for the detailed information including participation method, please see event page.