Electronic brochure
All nine cases
Yamaga sight-seeing nabi Press 2017 summer, autumn issue

We send how to spend Yamaga garden lantern Festival, summer, information to be able to enjoy autumn Yamaga!

Yamaga sight-seeing nabi Press spring issue

Until Yamaga trip to rotate with kimono and hot spring, meal of Yamaga, we send spring Yamaga information!

Yamaga sight-seeing nabi Press winter issue

Commencing with feast yakiniku feature of Yamaga, it is full of information to enjoy winter Yamaga!

Yamaga sight-seeing nabi Press summer, autumn issue

We send special information of place "Yamaga" who can embody in daily life on a certain pole!

Yamaga experience a la carte

It is a waste only of "we see"! We use Gokan to the full, and let's enjoy Yamaga thoroughly!

Yamaga Roman (Yamaga City Tour Guide Book)

It is general brochure for foreign language (English, Chinese Traditional in China). ※There is no Japanese mention.

Kumamoto circulation walk Yamaga sight-seeing

We play with A4 .16 pages / BUZEN highway, old burial mound and historic spot, nature and introduce experience, hot-spring village, special dish

The hot water skin beauty (full version)

Area introduction brochure [full version] of Hirayama hot springs. Big photograph introduces bath, dish of each inn pride. It is full version brochure knowing everything about Hirayama hot springs!

Mountain is hot-spring village

It is with photograph and introduces five hot springs of Yamaga-shi. In Yamaga-shi drop in, and is for synthesis of hot water!