Sightseeing model course List of tourist facilities

Cycle Yamaga takes a walk aimlessly

Commencing with "Yamaga garden lantern festival" that has been inherited as culture of Yamaga,
A lot of places where Yamaga can rediscover charm saying "there was such a place!"
We mention delicious gourmet and culture of Yamaga and,
We thought about plan to be able to enjoy new photogenic encounter.

Spring Yamaga trip to rotate with kimono

To antique kimono to change of clothes eteiza highway.
Memory that cannot have in good old tradition and souvenir, many encounters and both hands by all means♪

If we extend a trip a little bit…
A lot of places that shine in in studio♪

Feast yakiniku of Yamaga

"Yakiniku" of Yamaga said to that there are many people eating at three a week paces.
As well as day of fine weather, it has been always got close as popular Seoul foods of imminent existence.
We visited recommended six houses of hometown that we could enjoy well in a day including shop which handled shop which butcher shop ran, delicious meat of Kyushu.

Once-in-a-lifetime chance trip special in BUZEN highway

"The real face" looks in Yamaga where "Yamaga garden lantern festival" to be carried out at night made up in daytime Yamaga.
In casual scene that greetings of "hello" fly about, there is scene to be charmed by unintentionally.
Old days and shop of appearance not to change and historical building remain a lot in BUZEN highway which prospered as main street of Yamaga from the Edo era now.
Visit just what such a human empathy to be relieved at with nostalgia remains by all means♪