Hot-spring village of hot water ttari hot water kkuri Yamaga

Hot spring of Yamaga

In the hot-spring village scattering to Yamaga, multi-hot water is various. Natural hot water healed mind and body of people by mellow feel softly. Visiting village of hot water full of individuality, please spend blissful time.

Art of light to shine in in the summer at night of Yamaga.

Yamaga garden lantern Festival

One of the best summer feature "Yamaga garden lantern festivals" in Kyushu coloring the whole town of Yamaga by fantastic light.
Women dressed in yukata which advocated gold garden lantern to head dance on the investigation of "yoheho clause" that relaxed atmosphere drifts elegantly, and they dance.
Two days to enjoy superb view which ancient cityscape and light weave. Please be fuddled with to the full.

The world where Aya only by winter Yamaga getting sick from light at night is

Yamaga garden lantern roman, HYAKKAHYAKUSAI

We spread season from summer feature "Yamaga garden lantern Festival", and "Yamaga garden lantern roman, HYAKKAHYAKUSAI" visits winter festival.
Art object using the sum umbrella and bamboo colors good old cityscape of BUZEN highway full of taste vividly, and light of thousands of candles creates the fantastic world. Person who came is touched by the atmosphere and lets feeling that was totally over space-time do.
We are fascinated by traditional arts in playhouse "Yachiyoza" of important cultural property and are fuddled with the powerful charm to taste with the five senses. While you are wrapped in light shaking faintly, please feel heart of Yamaga.

Superb view which wants to be visited once!

Yamaga cherry blossom viewing spot

Much cherry blossom viewing spots are in Yamaga. Over the seasonal flower, do you not enjoy Yamaga slowly? We may find place only for such you that it is healed heart. We send seasonal flower information to everybody!

[※ attention!] The best time to see may change by weather. Thank you for your understanding.