The world where Aya only by winter Yamaga getting sick from light at night is

Yamaga garden lantern roman, HYAKKAHYAKUSAI

We spread season from summer feature "Yamaga garden lantern Festival", and "Yamaga garden lantern roman, HYAKKAHYAKUSAI" visits winter festival.
Art object using the sum umbrella and bamboo colors good old cityscape of BUZEN highway full of taste vividly, and light of thousands of candles creates the fantastic world. Person who came is touched by the atmosphere and lets feeling that was totally over space-time do.
We are fascinated by traditional arts in playhouse "Yachiyoza" of important cultural property and are fuddled with the powerful charm to taste with the five senses. While you are wrapped in light shaking faintly, please feel heart of Yamaga.

Held schedule

Friday and Saturday until o a week
It is Saturday on 29th on Friday on 28th on Saturday on Friday, 22nd for Saturday, 21 days for Friday, 15 days for Saturday, 14 days for Friday, February 7, eight days

Beginning of Yamaga garden lantern roman, HYAKKAHYAKUSAI

Yamaga who became known once as large production center of the sum umbrella. "Yamaga garden lantern roman, HYAKKAHYAKUSAI" was born by handicraft of local from such thought "is lively festival to revivify scenery at the time not possible?".

We hold every year in winter because it originated in six prefectures of Kyushu as part of "festival of winter Kyushu, light" worked on.

If is old festival ... of "handcrafting" connected by magnetic force called "cooperation", is new, but it is in one, and is ... to the future

"We want to convey charm of native district!" From such thought, dead work of this festival consists of local inhabitants, mall, tourist association, cooperation work with handicraft of people of really various position including the staff of the local university, prefecture and city.

Work continues without break until processing, color coating and February while we start with cutting and bringing down 5,000 bamboo which we enter mountain and cut to length of 3m from December, and hand becomes numb by cold. In dusk of February when town is stained with charm of evening, bamboo paper lantern and art objects which we made heartily for this day line up along the way, and it may be said that light of several thousand candles poured one one by hand of people is outcome of "thought" to love "true heart" of these various places and Yamaga.

We repaint mind of thing which bloom of light blooming flutteringly sees to calm color while shaking dignified winter night air kindly.

There is volunteer adding light to candle of bamboo paper lantern with various places of town, and you like come with firing writer on that day as even anyone can participate.

Yamaga taste story

Costarring of "Yamaga drum" and "Yamaga garden lantern dance" that attracted the best of traditional arts of Yamaga. We are forced to dance heart in tone of light flute and rhythm of magnificent, magnificent drum and drink breath in Yumi of Yamaga garden lantern dance to be fantastic. "Motion" and "stillness" of Yamaga.

Supreme bliss to admire two major entertainments of contrastive Yamaga in country-designated important cultural property "Yachiyoza." While you are wrapped in infinite impression, please thoroughly enjoy taste of Yamaga.

Yamaga taste story

It is Saturday on 29th on Friday on 28th on Saturday on Friday, 22nd for Saturday, 21 days for Friday, 15 days for Saturday, 14 days for Friday, February 7, eight days
Yachiyoza Theater
The curtain rises at opening 20:30 at 20:00 (performance time about 70 minutes)
Admission fee
1,000 yen (as for primary schoolchild or younger with shopping ticket, free of charge admission)
  • On the day sale of admission ticket starts at Yachiyoza entrance from 18:00.
  • Fun lottery where special product of Yamaga is is in intermission.

Correspondence at the time of rainy weather

Please confirm from official homepage of HYAKKAHYAKUSAI, homepage of facebook and tourism association of Yamaga hot springs.
(as you will hold Yamaga taste story when there is not lighting of "light", please confirm in addition.)



Tourism association of Yamaga hot springs HP

Contact information
Yamaga garden lantern roman, HYAKKAHYAKUSAI executive committee (the tourism association of Yamaga hot springs)
〒861-0501 510-2, Chuodori, Yamaga-shi, Kumamoto TEL: 0968-43-2952

Yamaga play X HYAKKAHYAKUSAI collaboration plan modern girl in HYAKKAHYAKUSAI

Yamaga style "modern girl" who advocates Yamaga garden lantern "gold garden lantern" to head, and flocks in BUZEN highway full of Edo atmosphere in antique kimono!

During period of HYAKKAHYAKUSAI, we took a walk through light spots such as BUZEN highway and kingojoji, Sakura-yu, and two sets-limited special plan to be able to enjoy "Yamaga taste story" held in Yachiyoza a day appeared!

As we can take a picture in fantastic light at light spot while thoroughly enjoying taste, it is recommended to female trip♡

Two sets of modern girl in HYAKKAHYAKUSAI limitation a day

It is Saturday on 29th on Friday on 28th on Saturday on Friday, 22nd for Saturday, 21 days for Friday, 15 days for Saturday, 14 days for Friday, February 7, eight days
Up to four hours between from 17:00 to 22:00
Normal rate 6,580 yen (tax-included) Special price 5,580 yen (tax-included) (two sets-limited a day)
Privilege 1
We can usually enjoy 3-hour experience for four hours.
Privilege 2
You can see "Yamaga taste story" to be performed in Yachiyoza during HYAKKAHYAKUSAI period (with admission 1,000 yen shopping ticket) free.
Making a reservation and inquiry
Kashiwaya TEL.050-3707-1515 of antique kimono rental ※Making a reservation until day before 17:00

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