Yamaga play experience vol.1

Garden lantern hot spring table tennis

Country-designated traditional craft, Yamaga garden lantern which was made only with Japanese paper and paste handed down from the Muromachi era. It is Yamaga style that we advocate representative "gold garden lantern" to head in that, and, moreover, we use "the next people tan-painted round fan" of Yamaga-shi, Kamotomachikutami (kamotomachikutami) to reach from the early days in the Edo era as a substitute for racket, and play table tennis! In others before wooden hot spring "Sakura-yu" largest in Kyushu, iza plays!

The date
It is held every day
(there is stop by rainout/convenience)
One: 500 yen/15 minutes (tax-included) ※To four people
Yamaga-shi area promotion public corporation
Sakura-yu tourist information center
[TEL] 0968-43-0111
Acceptance occasional to 9:00-16:30
TEL 0968-43-0111

Program introduction

We learn folkcraft

We study Yamaga garden lantern & next people tan-painted round fan.

We fix action station

Gold garden lantern, yukata, the next people tan-painted round fan


It will prevent you from forgetting respect to opponent and folkcraft.

Rule explanation

1 game 11 point system.
We say "yoheho!" and hit serve. Do not forget to advocate garden lantern to head at any time.

It is rally & photography lightly

Do not forget to improve in SNS either. "# Yamaga play"

We take down garden lantern

We take down fragile gold garden lantern from head before becoming desperate for game.

Enjoy the cool air

We will look up to partner with round fan if it becomes hot to act in a way.


Let's be changed to the next person after starting table tennis immediately in 15 minutes.

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