The next people tan-painted round fan

Ryoichi Kurikawa


We used "the next people tan-painted round fan" which was folkcraft from the Edo era as racket in "garden lantern hot spring table tennis" by "Yamaga play". Voice of question was put to newspaper as how to handle folkcraft by high school student in the city while Yamaga garden lantern and garden lantern hot spring table tennis using the next people tan-painted round fan were taken up in some media and had you please with tourist. Based on that, why were you able to use "the next people tan-painted round fan" as racket of table tennis? We interviewed chestnut Kawasho shop founded in 1889, Ryoichi Kurikawa.

Yamaga play.

"There is history of 400 years. We think abolished (suta) reteikuto to provide thing having the same builder side much more to inherit that. It does not continue when we do not do change that we had in the times in the time. What does the world seek what young people are wanting now? Because we must switch and did that that became originality all the time. Round fan must touch there change now in the world that there does not need to be at time how you sell that. Therefore we think that such an idea (Yamaga play) is very good. You may have like this use very much and may use anything. Different idea also occurs in our product by doing this. And when it is hard to be true that student understanding the folkcraft properly says like that"

What we want to convey.

"Start is good in anything. As we think that it is the best just to have you know. That I was going to do round fan when the round fan industry goes out of fashion is persimmon juice. We did manufacturing in resources only for Japan in the Edo era, as we closed the country. So we are hardly worth to produce articles. Therefore that wisdom and invention were born when we let you last a long time or used carefully. That was persimmon juice. What wanted to tell the persimmon juice to today's children boiled the first thought. There is that we want to convey wisdom or heart or like that to use thing through round fan carefully. It is homemade and thinks of persimmon juice that it is already only house that makes. Go to get on mountain in August. And crush that, and soak, and play suki (come) and put in the pot (tortoise); and five years. We use thing for five years"

PR for the outside.

"We lecture children. We let you experience and. We are summoned to junior high school and elementary school of Kumamoto-shi and let you experience the making of round fan. Tour of Seven Stars comes every week, too. We always consider how you impress visitor who was able to come. Of course impress there as everybody will see we break bone by bamboo for the first time. When Seven Stars is not just interesting only by visit, when let's make original round fan, make original round fan of Seven Stars, and do not consider to write the name of people who came; because is impressed, and return. Be impressed with thing which people in Hong Kong wrote all the names in kanji of Chinese very much. In what was a chance, round fan is not sold in winter. Therefore we did exhibition in Sydney to sell in the Southern Hemisphere. At that time, we did not jump to join in very much when Japanese biikidakara, round fan might not welcome Australia and thought that I might not want. Therefore we repaired the name of partner in substitute character of kanji by brush and wrote. Then 2,000 people lined up"

The coming "next people tan-painted round fan"

As "we never come, successor is folkcraft. Therefore one house costs change. Is various; when go together, crawl, and child comes out with nature this child. So we offer whether you do not try. Young successor has few folkcrafts anywhere. As house is only young people, you may die whenever (laugh). After all, we come. When we make thing. Then it must be interesting, and this place must be the delightful workplace, too. Then visitor whom "uwa" te is impressed by is there

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