Yamaga play "garden lantern hot spring table tennis"

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  • Yamaga hot springs Sakura-yu

Traditional craft, Yamaga garden lantern of country designation made only with Japanese paper and paste which came from the Muromachi era.
We put representative "gold garden lantern" on head in that,
Besides, it is Yamaga style that we use coming Yamaga-shi, "next people round fan" of Kamotomachikutami (kamotomachikutami) as a substitute for racket from the early period of Edo era, and play table tennis!

In wooden hot spring "Sakura-yu" largest in Kyushu before, iza plays!

(there is stop by rainout/convenience)

Event information

The site 〒861-0501 1-1, Yamaga, Yamaga-shi
Rate One: 500/15 yen share
Contact [general incorporated foundation] Yamaga-shi area promotion public corporation Sakura-yu tourist information center
(T E L) 0 9 6 8-4 3-0 1 1 1
※We register at "Sakura-yu tourist information center" at any time until 0 at 0-1 6:3 at 9:0.

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