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Prefectural ornamental tumulus building X Yamaga garden lantern roman, HYAKKAHYAKUSAI interlocking movement plan

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  • Kumamoto Prefectural Ancient Burial Mound Museum

To holding of Yamaga garden lantern roman, HYAKKAHYAKUSAI, even old burial mound building performs plan becoming warmhearted♪
Wonderful light tempts all of you into the ancient world.

Every Saturday, Sunday "making of comma-shaped bead kit" of February present
"Kit made with comma-shaped bead" is presented by the first 20 people of visit!
Until 15:00, it is OK even if we make with old burial mound building.

[we hold every day in February] Under staff handicraft "paper-covered lamp stand basket" display
It will be healed by "paper-covered lamp stand basket" which the staff handcrafted!

[we hold every day in February] Instagenic! Under photography corner setting
In ancient clothes, let's take photograph♪

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The site 3085, Kaomachiiwabaru, Yamaga-shi
Contact TEL: 0968-36-2151
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