[participation offer] It is around walk the eleventh TAKEMA valley

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Area between Mt. Kahokumachi, Yamaga-shi among the mountains.
Because is in the foot of Mt. west and Mt. sickle; with the name called takekan (takema) is so.
Cherry tree and rape bloom, and such takekanjiiki goes in beautiful season.
We offer hospitality in historical Takema tea which Prince Higo feudal lord Tadatoshi Hosokawa drank habitually.
It is two courses walking way between Mt. of spring.
※Course contents and detailed information, please identify event document.

<the date>
Saturday, March 24, 2018 ※Rainy weather decisive action

●A TAKEMA valley enjoyment course: 10km
●Enjoyment course between Mt. B: 5km

<the participation number of people>
500 people ※We finish closing as soon as it becomes capacity

<participation fee>
1,600 yen primary and secondary student 600 yen

<the application deadline>
Friday, March 9, 2018

Event information

The site 1261, Kahokumachitaku, Yamaga-shi
Rate 1,600 yen
Primary and secondary student 600 yen
Contact We chew forest yu ... of healing
TEL: 0968-42-5100
※Detailed inquiry is call: 080-1785-9967 (to the east)
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