Yamaga play "garden lantern yoga on the rocks" (HUDOUGAN yoga on the rocks)

We practice yoga in power spot, HUDOUGAN!

  • 10:00-12:00
  • HUDOUGAN observation deck

HUDOUGAN of 80m in height that we pushed out towards the sky from halfway up a mountain of mountain of 389m above sea level. We have from pebble and are comprised of firmness, three rocks of the back firmness in previous firmness. Because mountains are filled with Yamabushi in the Heian era and worshiped Acala, it is famous as power spot. We get "HUDOUGAN" and power of "gold garden lantern" and exercise! It is Yamaga style that practices yoga at the foot while looking at superb view at the mountaintop!

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Event information

The site 〒861-0523 Kamo, Yamaga-shi
Rate Of 1800 yen per person (tax-included)
With Sakura-yu bathing ticket

※As you climb HUDOUGAN (middle firmness), come with clothes, shoes which you are easy to climb.
Parking lot HUDOUGAN observation deck
Contact Tourism association of Yamaga hot springs TEL: 0968-43-2952
※We need prior reservation (as for the reservation until day before 17:00)
URL https://yamaga-tanbou.jp/asobi/program/yogarock/

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