Sightseeing in Yamaga-shi strategy poster was able to be crowded

Message of Kansai Yamamoto

Fusion of kansai fashion expresses "tradition" and "innovation" as Yamaga garden lantern. "Singing and dancing (turnip) re." which is catch phrase of poster It is the etymology of Kabuki, and this comes from "kabuku" [incline]. Common sense slips off, and these words to hint at behavior that became enlivened are underlying themes of the creative of Kansai Yamamoto.

We express originality called "[put on] to cover" with through filter of kansai with garden lantern. About "Kansai Yamamoto ♡ Yamaga garden lantern" which was subcopy, we did for notation which put feeling, friendly feeling closer than "Produced by Kansai Yamamoto". We constitute impression to receive from text by visual in the main constituent.

In addition, what we appointed multi-national model as is because we wanted to tell various places of Yamaga citizen about "Yamaga garden lantern having beauty of world level!" aloud. We wish that Yamaga citizens can have pride toward high their senses of beauty through this poster eagerly.


With Genki Yamaga project Kansai Yamamoto profile

Kansai Yamamoto ♥ Yamaga garden lantern

About "Genki Yamaga project"

Past history and value were evaluated, and "Yamaga garden lantern" which should be also known as symbol of culture, history of Motoichi in December, 2013 was appointed to traditional craft of country. After that we perform various approaches to have more people know the splendor.

In the show held in Turkey (Istanbul) of 2014 when Kansai Yamamoto dealt, Tokyo of 2015, garden lantern of Motoichi was adopted for direction of the symbolic scene while it looked like it and had you appreciate light which was mysterious and profound which shined in darkness as "the Japanese beauty".

There was such a relationship and had Kansai Yamamoto take office as adviser of "Yamaga garden lantern festival" in April, 2016 and launched this project in June of the year.

After that, for three years, we decide to have you perform approach that you arrest various opportunities in the suburbs commencing with advice to "1,000 garden lantern dances" that is highlight of festival as adviser and turned to the popularity up of Yamaga-shi (Yamaga garden lantern).

Through this project, it will move into action in future so that Yamaga-shi sends spirit even more.

Activity report