The 25th "Fashion Cantata from KYOTO"

The beautiful stage "fashion cantata" to play Kyoto of early summer with Japanese binding and Western clothes gorgeously every year.
Theme of this year to reach 25 times of memory is creation in "on day of" fine weather to come every turning point and season of the life.
Kansai Yamamoto who continued expressing another Japanese sense of beauty "grandmother sal tree" in opposite poles as "apology, quiet simplicity" participated as brand in Western clothing.
Fashion of sightseeing in Yamaga strategy poster "singing and dancing re." came up, and showy, gorgeous mind to be able to be also known as resistance mark inside let you exist by freedom and embodied Japanese binding and form of cultural exchange, fusion in Western clothing with kansai supported by artists of the world.
In addition, clothes which we wore at show were displayed before the second floor of Kyoto Station building information.