Yamaga garden lantern Festival 2018 "1,000 garden lantern dance, rise garden lantern"

By "1,000 garden lantern dances" to reach the third year as adviser of Yamaga garden lantern Festival, we largely changed schedule and changed dance that there was to two copies only to copy.
We could reduce burden on dancer by dancing girl garden lantern dance, and distributing "the main story" of "the beginning" such as child rise garden lanterns and 1,000 garden lantern dances, and it was at schedule when point to watch concentrated on.
In addition, as the end time for 1,000 garden lantern dances became early, tourist from the suburbs came to be able to see to rise garden lantern well, too.

Yamaga garden lantern Festival 2018 "opening event"

2018 that becomes the third-year collected studies as adviser of Yamaga garden lantern Festival.
Following last year, we gave glory to opening event of Yamaga garden lantern Festival.
Other than models who wore fashion of sightseeing in Yamaga-shi strategy poster "singing and dancing re.", various places of dancer including Yamaga drum preservation society, student of hometown, northern part of a castle High School, Yamaga garden lantern dance preservation fair, lyceum paraded around BUZEN highway from Yachiyoza to Sakura-yu.

"It is super energy Japanese spirit project 2018! Wear ... gen* to you; sema SHOW!! -"

"Cheerful project to remind of gen* of this country with fashion X human being power in Japan."
Following 2017, we held day-limited "kansaisai ri" in Roppongi Hills arena.
Specialists who played an active part for show by main event on the stage of the world came up in new work of KANSAI FASHION and concentrated "human energy" in the whole venue which visitors included by 337 performances of the finale and created gen* and shared impression.
Collaboration plans such as booth or workshop showed upsurge in further power-up, too.

Flower arrangement grass moon "head master of a school class 2017 autumn"

Kansai Yamamoto lectured in "head master of a school class" of the flower arrangement grass moon style.
In lecture, we appeared with figure which grass moon member model transformed himself/herself into splendidly in KANSAI FASHION and had you sense points such as posture or expression that the stage which was useful when we demonstrated of flower arrangement shined and did bodily from unprecedented viewpoint.

2017 Kumamoto area promotion fair "WONDER MESSE KUMAMOTO"

For creative revival from Kumamoto earthquake, "2017 Kumamoto area promotion fairs" to send charm of Kumamoto including meal, sightseeing, history, technique to home and abroad were held in Kumamoto.
In "history experience zone" that introduced history, folk art, folkcraft, cultural heritage of Kumamoto, we displayed clothes used visually of sightseeing in Yamaga-shi strategy poster "singing and dancing re.".