Yamaga garden lantern Festival 2017 "1,000 garden lantern dance"

By "1,000 garden lantern dances" to reach the second year as adviser of Yamaga garden lantern Festival, we turned conventional technique that dancer entered from one, and file which we entered from two performed clockwise direction and direction that made circle in turn counterclockwise around tower.
We fixed battle formation that began to dance in half about seven minutes until last year, and it was direction being aware of side to look at.
In addition, after 1,000 garden lantern dances, we inspected "rise garden lantern" to dedicate to Omiya Shrine and made sure of figure which followed tradition well.

Yamaga garden lantern Festival 2017 "opening event"

In 2017 to reach the second year as adviser of Yamaga garden lantern Festival, we plan opening event of Yamaga garden lantern Festival.
Other than models who wore fashion of sightseeing in Yamaga strategy poster "singing and dancing re.", Yamaga drum preservation society, dancer 100 of Yamaga garden lantern paraded around BUZEN highway from Yachiyoza to Sakura-yu and performed photo shooting in front of Sakura-yu and fully sent charm of Yamaga garden lantern.


"It is super energy summer Kumamoto castle Festival X cheerful project in Japan! Country cheering party - of ... fire"

In the Japanese cheerful project summer of 2017, "Kumamoto castle Festival" is scene.
It was held in Kumamoto-jo Castle outworks of a castle open space on Saturday, August 5.
There is awful "strength" that continues being made even if hurt to Kumamoto so much! I sent strength and gen* to home and abroad through event to make with Kumamoto and sent ale to revival after Kumamoto earthquake disaster.
All performer and the visitors became "country cheering party of fire" and they made 337 beats and shout of the finale with all the members and gave.
We display clothes featuring the theme of festival in two shopwindows, shop front two, satellite studio with it is Tsuruya Department Store Main Building held to this event.
We adopted Yamaga garden lantern and expressed fashion of kansairyu.
We held photoshooting plan to advocate Yamaga garden lantern to head in satellite studio, and to take kansai and photograph.

<clothes display>
[schedule] From Wednesday, July 26, 2017 to Tuesday, August 15
[venue] Tsuruya Department Store Main Building (Kumamoto-shi, Kumamoto)
※Photography event: Sunday, August 6, 2017 11:00-12:00

Domestic sightseeing promotion utilizing Haneda Airport

Attracting tourist from metropolis by sending approach of Yamaga-shi that assumed Yamaga garden lantern nucleus in metropolitan area to whole not only Yamaga-shi but also Kumamoto.

The 25th "Fashion Cantata from KYOTO"

The beautiful stage "fashion cantata" to play Kyoto of early summer with Japanese binding and Western clothes gorgeously every year.
Theme of this year to reach 25 times of memory is creation in "on day of" fine weather to come every turning point and season of the life.
Kansai Yamamoto who continued expressing another Japanese sense of beauty "grandmother sal tree" in opposite poles as "apology, quiet simplicity" participated as brand in Western clothing.
Fashion of sightseeing in Yamaga strategy poster "singing and dancing re." came up, and showy, gorgeous mind to be able to be also known as resistance mark inside let you exist by freedom and embodied Japanese binding and form of cultural exchange, fusion in Western clothing with kansai supported by artists of the world.
In addition, clothes which we wore at show were displayed before the second floor of Kyoto Station building information.