"It is super energy Japanese spirit project 2017! It is ee if it becomes ... gen*! -"

2017 event of "cheerful project to remind of gen* of this country with fashion X human being power in Japan."
Experience plan to have you participate in visits from workshop and adult appropriate for "Japan spirit project" to become trying for the first time let alone show by main event that the unique cast charmed in the life of Kansai Yamamoto to child held kansairyu "festival"-limited on various days.
In clothes of goods dyed deep blue which we produced with writer of friendship school studio, children and Kumamon which advocated Yamaga garden lantern to head are kansairyu "mikoshi" and appearances.
Voltage of venue went up more and more to good performance of rhythm of African percussion player, and performance did gen* powerfully.

Yamaga garden lantern roman, HYAKKAHYAKUSAI 2017

HYAKKAHYAKUSAI which becomes the second visit in this year. We want to tell people as much as possible about charm of Yamaga garden lantern! We want you to experience! From thought called this, we planned general participation type. We had head publish Yamaga garden lantern around various places of outside the prefecture and held photoshooting.

Yamaga hot springs festival

We participated in yamaga hot springs festival and enlivened festival. In addition, the staff of Kansai Yamamoto office participated in "SAKU-RUN", and it was wonderful opportunity when we could interchange with Yamaga citizen.

Genki Yamaga project Kumamoto earthquake reconstruction aid poster completion

Poster for the purpose of restoration, reconstruction aid from Kumamoto earthquake was completed. Have participate in 72 local people of Yamaga-shi, and "Kumamoto increases gen* times"; according to toiu catch phrase full of spirit of Kumamoto became visual.

Shinjuku art heaven 2016 "fashion stage"

We participated in hottest festival "Shinjuku art heaven" in Shinjuku and held collaboration stage of Japanese cheerful project X Isetan Shinjuku. From "Shinjuku" "Japan" in spirit! Employee of Isetan Shinjuku became model on theme in this and wore "singing and dancing re fashion" of sightseeing in Yamaga-shi strategy poster and distributed Yamaga garden lantern senbei to the audience with Kumamon with it was the finale and carried out fashion event to be connected for PR of Yamaga garden lantern.