Of the 90th anniversary of the diplomatic relations establishment in Japan in Turkey; "HELLO ISTANBUL!! "

To commemorative age called the Japanese Turkish diplomatic relations establishment 90th anniversary of Japan and Turkey was cultural, and held interchange event to contribute to economical development. It navigated friendship ship that raised "big catch flag" in the Bosporus which linked Asia to Europe (friendship) and performed show on the stage of palace ruins that were cultural heritage.

Event that was a chance that Yamaga garden lantern and Kansai Yamamoto come across. From thought that we want to spread in the world wanting world people to know beauty of Yamaga garden lantern which wants to offer hospitality by Japanese beautiful culture, we will adopt at event. At the beginning of show, we raised Yamaga garden lantern to head in yukata look of Arimatsu diaphragm (Nagoya-shi, Aichi) and it was calm and strolled the venue and greeted Turkish customer in fantastic space.