Sightseeing in Yamaga-shi strategy poster was able to be crowded

Message of Kansai Yamamoto

Fusion of kansai fashion expresses "tradition" and "innovation" as Yamaga garden lantern. "Singing and dancing (turnip) re." which is catch phrase of poster It is the etymology of Kabuki, and this comes from "kabuku" [incline]. Common sense slips off, and these words to hint at behavior that became enlivened are underlying themes of the creative of Kansai Yamamoto.

We express originality called "[put on] to cover" with through filter of kansai with garden lantern. About "Kansai Yamamoto ♡ Yamaga garden lantern" which was subcopy, we did for notation which put feeling, friendly feeling closer than "Produced by Kansai Yamamoto". We constitute impression to receive from text by visual in the main constituent.

In addition, what we appointed multi-national model as is because we wanted to tell various places of Yamaga citizen about "Yamaga garden lantern having beauty of world level!" aloud. We wish that Yamaga citizens can have pride toward high their senses of beauty through this poster eagerly.


With Genki Yamaga project Kansai Yamamoto profile

Kansai Yamamoto


It was born in 1944. In 1971, we held fashion show as Japanese for the first time in London and danced in world stage. After this, David Bowie, Elton John, interchange with Stevie Wonder and others begin. Design which was avant-garde to break established concept acquired overwhelming support from young man who was sensitive to the times.

We participate in Paris New York, Tokyo collection from 1974 to 1992 and build position as world-famous designer.

After 1993, we play an active part as producer of live event that is spectacle more than limit of fashion designer. We hold KANSAI SUPER SHOW and cheerful project in Japan all over the world, and the number of the general mobilization rises more than 3.6 million people.

While we act as "Yamaga garden lantern festival" of Yamaga-shi, Kumamoto adviser from general produce of venue, society event of G8 Lake Toya Summit, design (2010 good design prize, 2011 Blue Ribbon Award receiving a prize) charge, 2016 of interior, exterior of limited express "Keisei Skyliner" of Narita new high-speed railway new model vehicle in 2008 and play an active part in wide genre.

Brief career history

1993 KANSAI SUPER SHOW "!Russia hello" (Russian Moscow Red Square)
1995 KANSAI SUPER SHOW "hello! Vietnam (in Vietnamese Hanoi Lenin Park baimau lake)
1997 KANSAI SUPER SHOW "!India hello" (Indian New Delhi Nehru Stadium)
2000 "It is hello 21 hello Japan KANSAI SUPER SHOW! In Gifu (Gifu Nagara River sports stadium)
2000 The 15th people school festival, Hiroshima 2000 "supermarket coordinates contest" (Hiroshima Fuchu-shi)
2001 Business "fashion spirit principles in SAPPORO" of the 15th anniversary of Sapporo Art Park opening of the park (Hokkaido Sapporo Art Park)
2001 Yamaguchi mica Expo "Yamaguchi spirit legend" (exhibition supermarket theme building future in the Yamaguchi 21st century)
2002 KANSAI supermarket spirit Grand Prix (Ebisu, Tokyo the garden hall)
2004 Shizuoka international gardening exhibition Hamanako flower Expo "KANSAI SUPER GARDEN" (Shizuoka Hamanako garden park)
2004 KANSAI SUPER SHOW "aborudaju - aboardage attack ..." (Tokyo Nippon Budokan)
2004 ITS world meeting Aichi, Nagoya 2004 "opening ceremony & opening event" (Aichi art theater, oasis 21)
2005 The 55th Berlin International Film Festival special plan "ABORDAGE - KANSAI IN BERLIN" (German Berlin SONY center)
2005 "We fly and worship international exhibition World Exposition Aichi opening event in Japan of life" (Aichi World Exposition Aichi Nagakute venue)
2006 2006 SOCCER WORLD CUP nichihondaihyosoko events "win" (Saitama 2002 Stadium)
2007 KANSAI SUPER SHOW "ship of the sun" (Tokyo Dome)
2008 Zaragoza international exhibition Japan week event "public holidays and festival days of life" (Zaragoza, Spain)
2008 Plan "hot heart exhibition - kansaigenkishugi ..." of the 15th anniversary of the Edo Tokyo museum opening (Edo Tokyo museum)
2009 "Hot heart exhibition - kansaigenkishugi ..." (Tokushima Otsuka Museum of Art)
2009 Festival - in INDONESIA (Indonesian Bali Garuda uishunu kunchana karuchurarupaku) of FESTIVAL OF LIFE - life
2009 sho tsuzo - TOKYO ●2016 Olympics Paralympics invitation activity support event ... (Meijijingu Gaien Meiji Memorial Picture Gallery)
2010 Event "!Miyakejima hello" of the fifth anniversary of Miyakejima coming back to the island (Tokyo Miyakejima)
2010 KANSAI SUPER SHOW "seven samurais" (the Ariake, Tokyo Colosseum)
2011 The Great East Japan Earthquake requiem event "sky light" (Indonesian Bali, Kiev, Ukraine, Soma Fukushima)
2011 Japanese cheerful festival Huis Ten Bosch X Kansai Yamamoto (Nagasaki Huis Ten Bosch)
2012 Business in the daytime of the 40th anniversary of the diplomatic normalization "HELLO CHINA!! "(Chinese Beijing M space)
2013 "It is HELLO JAPAN!! Fashion X Entertainment "(Roppongi, Tokyo blue theater)
2013 Fashion in Motion: Kansai Yamamoto (British London Victoria and Albert Museum)
2014 Business of the 90th anniversary of the diplomatic relations establishment in Japan in Turkey "HELLO ISTANBUL!! "(Istanbul, Turkey the marumaraesumasurutan)
2015 "It is super energy Japanese spirit project 2015! Take ... spirit and LOVE; ... (Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo)
2016 "It is super energy Japanese spirit project 2016! Colorful BOYS&GIRLS!! of ... world invincibility ... (Yoyogi National Gymnasium second gymnasium)

Receiving a prize career

  • "Fashion editors club prize" receiving a prize
  • "Tokyo fashion designer meeting" establishment secretary
  • "The seventh Japan event award judge special prize" receiving a prize
  • "Russian international humanity help cooperation foundation" Advisor Kaigai
  • "The seventh Tokyo creation award international prize" receiving a prize
  • "The 21st folk apparel persons of cultural merits, international culture award" receiving a prize
  • "The third KU/KAN prize" receiving a prize