Lotus Festival contest prize-winning work

Mt. 2019 shikaori lotus Festival "photographic contest" for "haiku contest" and "child sketching meet,"
Thank you for your much application. As a result of examination, prize-winning work was decided as follows.

○Photographic contest
  92 number of the application 242 points
○Haiku contest
  41 parts of 61 parts of the number of the application public 177 points, child 50 points
○Child sketching meet
  18 points of number of the application

※Please confirm prize-winning work with each PDF file.

2019 haiku contests (PDF)

2019 photographic contests (PDF)

2019 child sketching meet (PDF)

In addition, we perform display of prize-winning work as follows.
・From Sunday, September 1, 2019 to 29th Sunday, from Sunday, December 1 to 22nd Sunday
Gallery "wind of all ages" in product museum of Kaou contact building

About announcement of visiting Yamaga garden lantern Festival 2019 Yamaga garden lanterns stamp rally elected candidate

In the stamp rally which we carried out by Yamaga garden lantern Festival of August 16, we appreciate your participating in many people from the prefectural inside and outside.
As elected candidate was decided, as a result of fair lottery, we will tell.
As we will ship prize in future, please wait to enjoy that it arrives.

List of garden lantern Festival 2019 stamp rally elected candidates

"We work, or festival" is held Saturday, September 21!

"We work or hold festival" to flowering of cluster amaryllis on Saturday, September 21!

It becomes contents which you can enjoy to all of character show and trout a kind of trout including seizing mainly on "Hill of ANZU" which is main venue.

In addition, "Kita bear area promotion fair" is held at the same time in chrysanthemum deer winery!

In addition, event "eleventh Hill of ANZU marron festival" publicizing chestnut of special product on Monday (holiday) on 23rd is held

It is two days to be able to fully enjoy whether you work! Come by all means with your friends; (^^)/♪

Work; or festival flyer①

Work; or festival flyer②


↓"We work or enshrine" the latest information, and please see formal Facebook page!



About holding of 2019 Yamaga garden lantern Festival 15th, 16th

As we determined to be as follows, under the influence of typhoon No.10, we will tell about holding of event.


We cancel all events commencing with fireworks display in schedule on Thursday, August 15. In addition, we do not postpone fireworks display.

As recovery of weather is anticipated in schedule on Friday, August 16, we hold on schedule.

News of Yamaga garden lantern Festival "1,000 garden lantern dance" grandstand today's ticket beginning to sell time change

We will judge the right or wrong of conduct taking the influence of typhoon into consideration about held Yamaga garden lantern Festival in the morning of the day on Friday, August 16.

Therefore, as we change beginning to sell time for today's ticket as follows, we will tell.

[the sale date and time]

Friday, August 16, 2019 13:00 ... (only in the case of festival holding)

[today's ticket sale place]

The festival open space synthesis headquarters (the edge of hot water park)

[ticket rate]

Seat 4,000 yen (one piece)

※Please note that you finish sale as soon as you reach planned number.

[figure of venue]

Figure of venue PDF

[1,000 garden lantern dances]

Schedule/Friday, August 16, 2019

Time/20:00-21:00 (opening 18:30)

Place/Yamaga Elementary School ground


Executive committee secretariat 0968-43-1579