「TOUROUDEN」 Oomiya shrine Yamaga citizen for free opening

Lantern displaying Yamaga lantern dedicated on lantern feast day. It is targeted for Yamaga citizen and leaves open free. Please see the skill of artisan of master of garden lantern by all means while feeling disposition of townsfolk.

During period, we explain work by master of garden lantern.


Place: 「TOUROUDEN」 Oomiya shrine

196, Yamaga, Yamaga-shi

Period From Saturday, October 6 to 8th Monday three days

Time: From 8:00 a.m. to half past 4 p.m.

Contact 0968-44-1257

※Tell with Yamaga citizen in reception desk.

"The making of knob of a bridge post lamp" starts in September!

"Knob of a bridge post" (giboshu) that it is part of leader of Yamaga garden lantern "gold garden lantern", and form, technique is considered to be symbol of gold garden lantern together.
We glue sections of Japanese paper together carefully to assume bud of lotus symbol, and to provide refreshing curve.

In Yamaga lantern museum, the making of lamp using knob of a bridge post starts!
How about experiencing folkcraft which Yamaga is proud of by all means?

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The making of knob of a bridge post lamp

The date: It is held every day
(12/29 - 1/1 closed days)
Rate: Of 1500 yen per person (the time required: for approximately 60 minutes)
+300 yen Wood cover (aya cedar from Yamaga)
mongo: Yamaga lantern museum 0968-43-1152
※Reservation until noon on the day before


The introduction information booklet "deer Sachi Kitayama hambunko" of Kahoku thirteenth is distributing.

The information booklet "deer Sachi Kitayama hambunko" to introduce autumn of Kahoku to thirteenth is completed and distributes.
We introduce reason of "taste" of farm products of Kahoku with farming family this time, and, "Kahoku whole harvest festival to be able to meet delicious thing," special "way of enjoying autumn Kahoku" "visits village of hararyokazo of Japanese paper" potato and "Kahoku potato, chestnut proud way" using chestnut, and information is varied!

For more details, please see the following PDF data.



"Village forest school is held shiningly"!

Village forest school is held under the colored leaves shiningly for two days on Sunday for from Saturday, November 10 to 11th.

In participants, we can do harvest of Japanese radishes and camping, experience only in mountain area including the making of chestnut dumpling.

Do you not feel autumn of village forest by all means?

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