Japanese inheritance support plan "rice ball country point Larry" began

We hold "smartphone point rally" that assumed restaurant and product building which can taste charm of meal of Kikuchi River basin and facility touching inheritance of Japan object spot
We can apply for lottery where local delicious special products are when we get rice (point) with smartphone
As there are business hours or regular holiday by facility, after confirmation, please participate....

☆Participation from this☆
Rice ball country stamp rally official site https://omusubikoku.com/

[the date and time]
From Monday, January 7, 2019 to Thursday, February 28

For more details, on seeing official site

Rice ball country point rally secretariat (inner Yamaga chestnut confectionery An (apricot)) TEL 0968-48-4648
Mail:kikuchigawa@omusubikoku .com
※Inquiry would like email.


We issued Yamaga sight-seeing nabi Press winter issue!

We issued Yamaga sight-seeing nabi Press winter issue on November 22!

Special feature of winter issue titled "regional chicken & cafe spot to be able to never take off if come to Yamaga,"
We introduce eight best gourmet spots of Yamaga.

As for the information of winter festival "Yamaga garden lantern roman, HYAKKAHYAKUSAI" of Yamaga held on Friday and Saturday of February a week!

Yamaga sight-seeing nabi Press winter issue is each tourist facility or tourist information center in Yamaga-shi
As you distribute free, you pick up, and please enjoy sightseeing of Yamaga.

You can see even electronic book.
Yamaga sight-seeing nabi Press winter issue electronic book

"Yamaga Sakura-yu open hot water Festival" is held!

The first "Yamaga Sakura-yu open hot water Festival" is held until Sunday on - 25th on Friday (holiday) on November 23!

After having arranged hot spring festival held in autumn for "spring traditional event" "event of autumn" until now,

Private sector predominates newly this time and is held.

Opening ceremony is practiced on Friday (holiday) on November 23, too.

You should memorialize, and come to the first by all means.

In addition, on Saturday, November 24, free shuttle bus linking chrysanthemum deer winery to Sakura-yu is operated (please refer to the following brochure for the details).

You use, and please fully enjoy autumn Yamaga.



The Sakura-yu outskirts



※As for the detailed schedule, please see flyer.


11/23 Friday (holiday)

We throw the opening ceremony cutting of the New Year's rice cake, celebration rice cake for from 10:00 to 10:30 [special stage]

Events various for from 10:30 to 17:00

Saturday, November 24

Events various for from 10:00 to 21:00

※Shuttle bus service between from 10:30 to 15:30 Sakura-yu chrysanthemum deer winery

[flyer] Sakura-yu ⇔ chrysanthemum deer winery shuttle bus

Sunday, November 25

Events various for from 10:00 to 16:30



①About Yamaga Sakura-yu open hot water Festival

Yamaga Sakura-yu open hot water Festival executive committee secretariat 0968-43-4111 (Yamaga Chamber of Commerce and Industry)

②About free shuttle bus

Yamaga-shi business and industry sightseeing section 0968-43-1579


We operate Aso Kumamoto Airport ⇔ Kumamoto north area free of charge shuttle bus!

Is sightseeing in Kumamoto north meeting, from Aso Kumamoto Airport to prefecture north area
We will operate free shuttle bus! !
It applies to user of "Takao, Taiwan" "Hong Kong" convenience of Aso Kumamoto Airport departure and arrival and travels in total at departure and arrival time.
It is very convenient by direct flight without transfer.
Please use.

[service day]
Takao service fire, gold, Sunday
Hong Kong flight tree, Sunday

[examination service period]
Until from December 2, 2018 to March 3, 2019

[ride method, reservation]
Please be reserved with online before free shuttle bus ride.
When you cannot confirm reservation, you cannot take.


Reservation and inquiry, please identify special page of "Kumamoto electric railroad" of operator.