[Yamaga garden lantern roman, HYAKKAHYAKUSAI] About holding of Friday, February 7, 2020

We will inform about holding of (February 7) today.

●About lighting of light
Due to bad weather, we have to cancel lighting of today's light.
In addition, we do not hold traffic regulation either.

●About opening ceremony
We have to cancel opening ceremony.
There is not postponement. Thank you for your understanding.

●About Yamaga taste story
About Yamaga taste story, we will hold on schedule.
Contents: Costarring of Yamaga drum and Yamaga garden lantern dance
The opening: 20:00
The start: 20:30  ※About 70 minutes performance
Venue: Yachiyoza Theater
Admission fee Of 1000 yen per person (free of charge younger than primary schoolchild with shopping ticket 400 yen)
※We will sell from 18:00 in before Yachiyoza.

●About event around Sakura-yu
・We will hold warm stand on schedule.
・We have to cancel HYAKKAHYAKUSAI live.

That is all.
In addition, we are going to carry out all events including lighting of light about (February 8) tomorrow.


Yamaga garden lantern roman, HYAKKAHYAKUSAI executive committee (the tourism association of Yamaga hot springs) TEL.0968-43-2952

News of Sakura-yu "business resumption"

We cause trouble for origin facilities trouble very much.

We are going to usually from 6:00 a.m. do business on Sunday, February 9.

I would like your cooperation.


Contact Sakura-yu
Address: 861-0501 1-1, Yamaga, Yamaga-shi, Kumamoto
Telephone: 0968-43-3326

News of Sakura-yu "temporary closure"

We do for origin facilities trouble for "temporary closure".

It is expected that it takes several days before restoration. I apologize for the inconvenience, but we would appreciate your understanding.


Contact Sakura-yu
Address: 861-0501 1-1, Yamaga, Yamaga-shi, Kumamoto
Telephone: 0968-43-3326

We hold bus tour to thoroughly enjoy the "Kikuchi River basin Japan inheritance" sake!

The Kumamoto north area (Tamana-shi, Yamaga-shi, Kikuchi-shi, Nagomi-machi) is made with historic story "rice of the Kikuchi River basin, and memory - Kikuchi River basin "now and the bygone days "paddy-rice" story" of the earth for 2,000 years" is authorized to Japan inheritance in April, 2017.

Bus tour (departure from JR Hakata Station) to thoroughly enjoy sake made using "rice" which is attractive one of this Kikuchi River basin Japan inheritances is held! It is perfect opportunity when we can thoroughly enjoy three sake breweries of the north area of the prefecture! We look forward to participation of many of you.

[sake circulation (one-day tour) of the Kumamoto north]
We can enjoy sampling with snacks tour-limited in "incense brewing of flower" of the Kumamoto north "sake brewing of TIYONOSONO" "Bishonen Shuzo".
Brand pork of Nagomi-machi provided "this pork of fire" and shabu-shabu using sake of "incense brewing of flower", and lunch was particular about sake thoroughly.

●Departure Date Sunday, February 23, 2020
●Tour costs (per person): 10,000 yen
●Tour trip: JR Hakata Station (it departs 8:30 set/9:00) → Nagomi-machi "incense brewing of flower" sampling → Lunch (please enjoy sake shabu-shabu in "relief hermitage") → Yamaga-shi "tour of KOMEKOMESOUMON" ("sake brewing of TIYONOSONO" sampling) → Kikuchi-shi "Bishonen Shuzo" visit, sampling → JR Hakata Station (arrival at around 19:00, dissolution plan)

※The tour details


[(2 days and 1 night tour) around HYAKKAHYAKUSAI and the Kumamoto north full of competition for fantastic Japanese drinker taste]
Let alone sake of the Kumamoto north area, it is tour that drinks sake of each place overnight, and can compete. You can see the finale of "Yamaga garden lantern roman, HYAKKAHYAKUSAI" which the sum umbrella and art object of bamboo light color vividly. In addition, there is souvenir of 2 kg of delicious rice of the Kikuchi River area.

●Departure Date Saturday, February 29, 2020
●From tour costs (per person) 29,800 yen
●Tour trip
(the first day) JR Hakata Station (it departs 11:30 set/12:00) → Tamana-shi observes all-you-can-stuff and "former Tamana reclamation facility" of vegetables in "oldness and center Y, BOX" → Yamaga-shi "yutoriro" (accommodation) check-in → Dinner ("country, slowly of fire competition for Japanese drinker who is hermitage (restaurant)") → Yamaga garden lantern roman, HYAKKAHYAKUSAI, appreciation of Yamaga taste story

(the second day) Breakfast, check-out (9:45) → Yamaga-shi "tour of KOMEKOMESOUMON" ("sake brewing of TIYONOSONO" sampling) → Lunch (Kikuchi-shi is "mitoko nakamura of forest", and please enjoy regional chicken and dumpling profit) → Visit to Bishonen Shuzo, sampling → kokkofamu → JR Hakata Station (arrival at around 17:30, dissolution plan)

※The tour details


<inquiry, reservation>
kyushusanko tourism Kyushu tourist center (18:00 from business hours 10:00)
Telephone: 096-300-5535 fax: 096-355-1296
※We ask a favor having the wrong so that there is not.

※PDF from this ⇒ Kikuchi River basin Japan inheritance bus tour flyer (PDF about 639KB)