Lotus Festival contest prize-winning work

Mt. 2019 shikaori lotus Festival "photographic contest" for "haiku contest" and "child sketching meet,"
Thank you for your much application. As a result of examination, prize-winning work was decided as follows.

○Photographic contest
  92 number of the application 242 points
○Haiku contest
  41 parts of 61 parts of the number of the application public 177 points, child 50 points
○Child sketching meet
  18 points of number of the application

※Please confirm prize-winning work with each PDF file.

2019 haiku contests (PDF)

2019 photographic contests (PDF)

2019 child sketching meet (PDF)

In addition, we perform display of prize-winning work as follows.
・From Sunday, September 1, 2019 to 29th Sunday, from Sunday, December 1 to 22nd Sunday
Gallery "wind of all ages" in product museum of Kaou contact building