This time one push. Have exquisite watermelon made specially in Yamaga.

Production centers one of the best in Kumamoto where Yamaga-shi is proud of whole country's best watermelon amount of production.

There may be many people having summer image speaking of watermelon, but crop begins from the end of March, and watermelon of Yamaga-shi invites the golden age in May. Type is abundant, and they finish eating, and including "monopoly" and standard big ball watermelon have "pleasure of home life" "festival music" to small ball watermelon of size.

With each product building of Yamaga-shi, the most delicious watermelons of the season are lining now. You have you check by all means on calling by sightseeing, and you are fresh and young, and please taste crunchy comfortable texture.

In addition, "we want to eat again as it was delicious!" Net shop which "not to be able to go as it is slightly far" runs in Yamaga-shi product building notification meeting (we organize with six products building of Yamaga-shi) "is kingdom "Yamaga" horse of meal or is thing! We can purchase in shop.

As thought of characteristic and producer of products is introduced in detail, site can purchase in peace. Please use.

"Kingdom "Yamaga" horse of meal or thing! Shop"