Kikukamachi agriculture experience 2017

It is communities of the foot of YAHOUGATAKE that three wards are next to Fukuoka and Oita located at North Kumamoto of "Kikukamachi, Yamaga-shi".

There is "AIRATOBIKAZURA" of "Yatani Valley" and country-designated special natural monument near in zone between quiet Nakayama of 400m above sea level. As it is full of green, and water is pure, and noon and night temperature difference are intense places, as treasure house of, as a matter of course, high quality rice and special product, it is handed down from the old days.

We hold agriculture experience targeting at general consumers under the theme of interchange of farm village of city every year in community improvement group "83 society" (whether you do not give). We contribute fresh local farm products to all of you by * palm and security of heart through interchange and, also, think that we want to do experience interchange happily for the purpose of what we make use of in future community improvement and farming in the hometown.

We are going to carry out four times a year, and deadline for application becomes until Wednesday, May 31.

For more details, please see "(application essential point) Kikukamachi agriculture experience 2017".

(application essential point) Kikukamachi agriculture experience 2017

Pictures School in the rice field