-It recruits participants of camping autumn farm products crop experience - empty-handed!

Stay in TAKEMA valley campground, and agriculture experience is possible; "camping is held every month from September through December empty-handed"!
Do you not participate in autumn crop experience in takekanjiiki where a lot of charm of village forest was packed in?

<holding schedule, experience-based contents>
●From Saturday, September 23 to 24th Sunday: Gathering chestnuts
●From Saturday, October 14 to 15th Sunday: Harvest of shiitake or taros
●Harvest of from Saturday, November 25 to 26th Sunday daikon, Chinese cabbages -part 1 -
●Harvest of from Saturday, December 16 to 17th Sunday daikon, Chinese cabbages -part 2 -

※We may change vegetables to harvest by climate and the growth situation about experience-based contents.

Offer period is until two weeks ago like - every day on Monday, August 21, 2017.

For more details, please see event page or the following flyer.

takekan campground crop experience flyer list
The back of takekan campground crop experience flyer