About recruitment of improvement in hospitality project seminar student attending a lectures such as 2017 foreign tourists

    • Triggered by "waiting on customers" of ... foreign tourist, it is ... for improvement in "hospitality" of Kumamoto level

In Kumamoto, put large size Cruise Funaki Port to Yatsushiro Port together with whole line opening of Kyushu Shinkansen and Kumamoto - Takao, airline establishment between Kumamoto - Hong Kong, and access from foreign countries of this prefecture improved drastically, and tourists increased around Asia. Moreover, women's handball world championships of 2019, the prefecture holding of Rugby World Cup 2019, the Tokyo Olympics Paralympics of 2020 are expected to further than natural increase increase to reserve, foreign tourist, too. On the other hand, not only, by this Kumamoto earthquake, access from the Kumamoto city to the Aso area is cut apart, and a person's flow remains, but also main tourist attractions including Kumamoto-jo Castle, Aso-jinja Shrine suffer serious damage, and foreign tourist is the situation not to yet come back. Therefore we act, but, in the prefecture, push forward acceptance environment maintenance in preventing harmful rumors by various campaigns for getting into number of visitors recovery of tourist including foreigner who decreased by earthquake by cooperation of money of product government college to put together with this, and to do line, and that getting into visitor tie foreign tourist correspondence to be expected to creation of the employment, development of regional economy by 2019 with it is this business and lays economic effect.

Therefore, we carry out the training to fix the system of inbound (visit to Japan foreigner) acceptance targeting at offices where there is many at opportunity to contact foreign tourist as follows [language study and hospitality] and recruit attendance students.


As it is held in Yamaga-shi in this year, we look forward to participation of many of you
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