For the year-end and New Year holidays, how is visiting Shinto shrine, temples of Yamaga?

◆Omiya Shrine "great purification" (we pay)

Omiya Shinto shrine which is your company of the Yamaga lantern origin. There is garden lantern in the precincts and can see lantern dedicated in rise lantern.

"Great purification" (we pay) is carried out prior to lighting old large Shinto straw festoon in the Omiya Shinto shrine, and putting up, and doing.

The date and time: Friday, December 15 10:00 a.m.

Place: The Omiya Shrine precincts

Inquiry: Omiya Shrine TEL: 0968-44-1257

Others: The attendance is free, and participation is possible in anyone.

We take ash home with us and are possible. Please set up bags. shoameketsuko.

For more details, please refer to attached sheet flyer.























◆Sealed letter issued by a shogun circulation

Capital, Yamaga that many places are dotted with ancient romance. It is "sealed letter issued by a shogun circulation" to be popular to enjoy good old culture more. As we have on proof that put copying of a sutra in Buddhist temple and Shinto shrine in the origin of sealed letter issued by a shogun, and gather, it is bound relationship with God together a lot. Please see the in detail following URL including Buddhist temple and Shinto shrine spot of Yamaga getting such a sealed letter issued by a shogun.

At the same time, it is sealed letter issued by a shogun book which meeting of master of Yamaga garden lantern woman produced to want to guide.

We spend time, and, using Japanese paper used for garden lantern, one sealed letter issued by a shogun book to create is right traditional industrial art object each. How about the sealed letter issued by a shogun head who is available only in Yamaga that Yamaga garden lantern was designed by motif?

Price: One /1, 800 yen, 2,000 yen, 2,500 yen ※30-limited (a little the remainder)

Sale place: Yamaga lantern museum

Address: 1606-2, Yamaga, Yamaga-shi TEL: 0968-43-1152