About service offer start of Yamaga-free Wi-Fi

"It is service offer start the public wireless LAN access that free, is available with the agreement conclusion about "promotion of public wireless LAN business for tourists visiting Yamaga-shi" by "tourism association of Yamaga hot springs" and "NTT West Japan Kumamoto Branch" service Yamaga-free Wi-Fi "Yamaga_Free_Wi-Fi" from today.

About main contents, we are as follows.

Please refer to "about bottom Yamaga-free Wi-Fi" for the details.

1.Service start date Monday, March 5, 2018

2.Main offer place

①The BUZEN highway outskirts (Yachiyoza, Yamaga lantern museum, Sakura-yu)

②Tourism association of Yamaga hot springs

③Yamaga-shi government office (central government office, each civic center)


3.The use conditions

①SSID name "00Yamaga_Free_Wi-Fi"

②Registration of e-mail address is necessary

③Use time once up to 30 minutes (to eight times a day)

About Yamaga-free Wi-Fi