The flowering situation [as of April 26] of each site in Yamaga

AIRATOBIKAZURA of Kikukamachi is at their best!

Hang special natural monument AIRATOBIKAZURA of country which is said to be 1,000 years years old from late April through early May usual; and of dark red purple big; have a heated. There was concern about there being little flowering sprout because it was cold winter, but seems to have begun to flower by rain of the other day at a stretch this year. It seems that around the end of April is at their best.

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Mt. shikaori wisteria Festival 2018 is open in Kaomachi!

Wisteria which is said to be Japanese old flower tree. You can see various kinds of wisteria in full glory at this time in forest interchange facility "Mt. village" of shikaokodai. As of April 26, wisteria just reaches the best time to see, and it is thought that we can enjoy until around the end of April.

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In addition, azalea of Nitirin temple (nichirinji) azalea park of Sugi, Yamaga-shi is over the best time to see. Of rainy influence of the other day it is likely that many flowers have been scattered because met.