Please use pointing at conversation book for inbound!

We made no "pointing at conversation book" for accommodations in Kumamoto north sightseeing meeting to constitute in four municipality (Tamana-shi, Yamaga-shi, Kikuchi-shi, Nagomi-machi) and Kumamoto (the north wide area headquarters of the prefecture, the Tamana area Promotion Bureau, the Kamoto area Promotion Bureau) of the north area of the prefecture for one of maintenance of acceptance environment of foreign tourist for restaurants. Please inflect for acceptance of inbound.

It is conversation sheet supporting Japanese, English, Chinese Traditional. (size A3)

Sorry for your inconvenience, but you download, and please use.

The accommodations use

Pointing at conversation book (for the accommodations) (PDF about 301KB)

Restaurant use

Pointing at conversation book (for restaurant) (PDF about 220KB)