We operate Aso Kumamoto Airport ⇔ Kumamoto north area free of charge shuttle bus!

Is sightseeing in Kumamoto north meeting, from Aso Kumamoto Airport to prefecture north area
We will operate free shuttle bus! !
It applies to user of "Takao, Taiwan" "Hong Kong" convenience of Aso Kumamoto Airport departure and arrival and travels in total at departure and arrival time.
It is very convenient by direct flight without transfer.
Please use.

[service day]
Takao service fire, gold, Sunday
Hong Kong flight tree, Sunday

[examination service period]
Until from December 2, 2018 to March 3, 2019

[ride method, reservation]
Please be reserved with online before free shuttle bus ride.
When you cannot confirm reservation, you cannot take.


Reservation and inquiry, please identify special page of "Kumamoto electric railroad" of operator.