Japanese inheritance support plan "rice ball country point Larry" began

We hold "smartphone point rally" that assumed restaurant and product building which can taste charm of meal of Kikuchi River basin and facility touching inheritance of Japan object spot
We can apply for lottery where local delicious special products are when we get rice (point) with smartphone
As there are business hours or regular holiday by facility, after confirmation, please participate....

☆Participation from this☆
Rice ball country stamp rally official site https://omusubikoku.com/

[the date and time]
From Monday, January 7, 2019 to Thursday, February 28

For more details, on seeing official site

Rice ball country point rally secretariat (inner Yamaga chestnut confectionery An (apricot)) TEL 0968-48-4648
Mail:kikuchigawa@omusubikoku .com
※Inquiry would like email.