Yamaga garden lantern dance preservation meeting appears on "Tokyo caravan in Akita"!

Artist and others expressing great culture of Hideki Noda acting as the supervision all-out of "Tokyo caravan" and Tokyo, Akita, Kumamoto in concept by "new expression to come out of "culture blend style" of a great variety of artists" are the concentration in Akita.
Yamaga garden lantern dance preservation meeting appears from Kumamoto.
Please appreciate state of valuable performance that you can watch "only in Tokyo caravan in Akita" by live broadcast of the Internet!

The date and time: Sunday, February 17, 2019 around 16:30
URL: http://live.tokyocaravan.jp/


※It is ... with Tokyo caravan
As leading project of Tokyo which led culture program of "the Tokyo 2020 Olympics Paralympics", we began in 2015.

By suggestion of Hideki Noda who is dramatist, director, actor, a great variety of artists meet and, more than border/language/culture/expression genre, raise concept that new expression is born in what "culture blend style" does and develop performance beyond each genre in each place.
It began to Tokyo, Komazawa in 2015 and it was carried out in Kyoto, Hachioji, Kumamoto (Yamaga) in Rio de Janeiro, Tohoku, Roppongi, 2017 in 2016, and various celebrities who played an active part in art culture world including Takako Matsu and Rei Tsumura Jiro (noh player) participated and attracted more than 40000 viewers.