Campsite of Yatani valley Festival

☆The hotel charges such as bungalows are all available in 50% OFF on that day.

[the date and time] Saturday, April 27, 2019 16:00-20:00

※Reception desk 15:00 ...

[venue] Campsite of Yatani valley (2005-2, Kikukamachiyatani, Yamaga-shi)


15:00 acceptance (hotel guest, nichikaesakyaku)

16:00 opening of a meeting, opening live "aso Be corps orchestra" performance

16:30 behavior cooking (pay), a kind of trout, wild boar meat, Shishinabe (finished as soon as it disappears)

Rope play (targeted for primary schoolchild)

We cook rice in outdoor cooking rice, wood-splitting, fire revitalization, mess kit or broad-brimmed cooking pot for rice at 17:00

It is game and song around gathering, fire of campfire at 19:00

20:00 closing

[inquiry, application (accommodation) point]

Campsite of Yatani valley 0968-48-9156