Announcement of Yamaga garden lantern Festival "1,000 garden lantern dance" grandstand today's ticket beginning to sell time change

We will judge the right or wrong of conduct taking the influence of typhoon into consideration about held Yamaga garden lantern Festival in the morning of the day on Friday, August 16.

Therefore, as we will change beginning to sell time for today's ticket as follows, we will tell.

[the sale date and time]

Friday, August 16, 2019 13:00 ... (only in the case of festival holding)

[today's ticket sale place]

The festival open space synthesis headquarters (the edge of hot water park)

[ticket rate]

Seat 4,000 yen (one piece)

※Please note that you will finish sale as soon as it reaches planned number.

[figure of venue]

Figure of venue PDF

[1,000 garden lantern dances]

Schedule/Friday, August 16, 2019

Time/20:00-21:00 (opening 18:30)

Place/Yamaga Elementary School ground


Executive committee secretariat 0968-43-1579