About takeout store information of Yamaga-shi (as of May 1)

We introduce store information that takeout is made in Yamaga-shi that Yamaga-shi turnout creation meeting issued.
We recommend that we have you confirm on the telephone beforehand to take a rest, and to avoid confirmation, congestion of offer menu for business hours.

Yamaga-shi takeout list of done shops 0501

In addition, we can confirm store information in "Yamaga meal site in house".

<about takeout information>
●The site "it is house Yamaga meal" administration main constituent: Storehouse BUZEN
※Please contact storehouse BUZEN Fukamaki for store state that you wish to publish.

●We are making "shop rice (tentative name) in house", and, in Yamaga-shi turnout creation meeting, homepage is (going to be released in the beginning of May).
※Please contact Yamaga Chamber of Commerce and Industry ☎︎43-4111 for store state that you wish to publish.