About the situation of YAHOUGATAKE mountain trail accompanied with July heavy rain disaster (as of July 12)

According to the announcement of Kumamoto meteorological observatory, 110 millimeters and record precipitation were reported by heavy rain near Yamaga-shi for one hour from half past 3 a.m. on 7th in July, 2020.
Serious damage is reported in various places throughout the city by the heavy rain and the later rain which it rained in succession.
About YAHOUGATAKE extending over Yamaga-shi and Kikuchi-shi, forest road knowing mountain trail and that under the influence of heavy rain collapses and is the situation dangerous at all.
For a while from Kikukamachi side (campsite of Yatani valley) cannot climb a mountain.
I would like your understanding and cooperation.

The situation (PDF) YAHOUGATAKE mountain trail (R27 moon heavy rain) of mountain trail