☆New way of enjoying Yamaga "Yamaga play" starts☆

"Yamaga play" that overflowed in unlikelihood and smart atmosphere. Theme "Yamaga style" and "Japan, alone!"
Throb born in planning meeting of civic participation, experience-based program of wakuwaku start.

Do various activities on head with "garden lantern" which is representative in Yamaga garden lantern which is traditional craft of country designation made only with Japanese paper and paste handed down from the Muromachi era, and put on helmet, and it is not possible for flashlight one hand elsewhere when rotate at night ancient tomb; should be able to experience.
Well, let's go to experience "Yamaga play" only for now only for here!
For details, we are checked in attached brochure or Rakuten Travel HP

List of "Yamaga play" programs
●Garden lantern hot spring table tennis


●HUDOUGAN yoga on the rocks
●Garden lantern modern girl and concierge

Yamaga play brochure

Yakushido light-up (2/17.18-limited)

In "Yamaga garden lantern roman, HYAKKAHYAKUSAI" held, "Yakushido" in front of the Sakura-yu south side entrance is lighted up now only in two days of Saturday on 18th on Friday, February 17.
Please see Yakushido colored by light of various colors by all means.

Yakushido light-up

Is it announcement of television transmission?

1/18 Wednesday, 19th Thursday 11:30-11:45
NHK synthesis [hakken TV]
Yamaga-shi in foreign glance is introduced in this.

・Town Kumamoto Yamaga-shi that foreigner takes a trip to of rice
・Traditional gikumahonsanshikashi which foreigner tastes

Program is broadcasted on theme called this.
(thing collected data on assuming broadcast in foreign country is for digest, and it is broadcasted in particular basically for Kyushu, Okinawa)

[Wednesday, January 18] 11:30-11:45
"Town Kumamoto Yamaga-shi that foreigner takes a trip to of rice"

Foreigner living in Fukuoka takes a trip to Yamaga-shi lined with North Kumamoto, atmospheric merchant's families of whitewashing.

Post town, Yamaga that prospered for a long time as distribution center of rice. Through comparing the tastes of onigiri and sampling of sake, hand baking experience of senbei, it is glance "dehakkenshimasu of" foreigner by new charm of historical town!

[Thursday, January 19] 11:30-11:45

"Traditional gikumahonsanshikashi which foreigner tastes"

We introduce charm of "traditional culture" of Yamaga this time.

Including the skill that I am amazed to learn of craft reproducing history buildings of Himeji-jo only with Japanese paper beautiful Yamaga garden lantern dance in "Yachiyoza" leaving figure at the time of the Meiji era in now and Kyushu largest wooden construction public bath "Sakura-yu" realistically in detail more fully introduce.

For two days, we introduce in series.
Check it out!
hakken TV (NHK)