We perform the second sale of Yamaga garden lantern Festival "1,000 garden lantern dance" grandstand ticket

It is 12:00 by the second sale of "1,000 garden lantern dances" holding on Friday, August 16 grandstand ticket on Friday, August 2

We perform from this. As you are available in limited quantities, please buy early.

Sale seat seat, wheelchair seat

Value      Status     Advance sale 3,000 yen (one piece)

To Rakuten ticket Yamaga garden lantern Festival ticket pe ji becoming only sales system Internet sale

About the details such as figure of venue, seat, please confirm 1,000 garden lantern dance grandstand ticket guidance.

About cancellation of 7/21 Sunday suburbs 1,000 garden lantern dance exercise meeting


"The suburbs 1,000 garden lantern dance exercise meeting" which planned today cancels by official announcement of heavy rain warning to Yamaga-shi.

We are very sorry to cause trouble, but I would like understanding cooperation.

※There is not transfer day of today's exercise society.

※As one that was going to participate counts by exercise society participation, I would like notification.

※We are going to participate in exercise party today, and, in (the third) one, which cannot come to exercise society, please contact in future.

Commercial and industrial sightseeing section 0968-43-1579

About news of 1,000 garden lantern dance exercise schedules

■The city participant

We hope that we have you attend at principle, participating local exercise meeting.

The city (Yamaga area) 2019 exercise society itinerary

The city (old four) 2019 exercise society itinerary


■The suburbs participant

I'm very sorry, but parking lot is not available to exercise society in Kumamoto-shi gymnasium, young man Hall hall of Saturday, July 6. We hope that we have you use public institution.

The suburbs 2019 exercise society itinerary

About young man Hall hall parking lot