Announcement of "evening of firefly" cancellation

In "evening of firefly" when we carried out in the first turn park in the middle of May in usual, it was called off for new coronavirus infectious disease extended prevention this year. We do not perform setting of lighting either.
We would appreciate your understanding.

Affiliate contact meeting to make the Kikuchi River and the branch beautiful
The secretariat: Yamaga-shi environment section
Telephone: 0968-43-7211

Announcement of TV show broadcast (Tetsuro Degawa may we charge?)

In RKK Kumamoto Broadcasting "may charge of Tetsuro Degawa?" But, it is broadcasted, and Yamaga, Hirayama hot springs is introduced.

We leave Aso Kusasenri, and Tetsuro Degawa of comedian crosses Kumamoto. Accommodation negotiations are carried out in yamaga hot springs and are dropped in at Yachiyoza, Hirayama hot springs. (shooting is carried out in February.)

You see by all means, and we shoot, and let's make time.


The date and time: From Wednesday, May 13 19:00 to 21:20

Program name: RKK Kumamoto Broadcasting "may charge of Tetsuro Degawa?"

About the business reopening of city tourist facility (news)

We reopen business as follows after having carried out infection preventive measures thoroughly based on relaxation of revision of basic coping policy of new model coronavirus infectious disease measures of country and emergency measures of Kumamoto about tourist facility which stops business to plan the infection prevention of new coronavirus and extended prevention.
I would like cooperation to preventive measures against infection in the users.

[business reopening day] Thursday, May 14, 2020 ※Normal business
・Yachiyoza (Yachiyoza, Yachiyoza management museum, new dressing room, Yachiyoza interchange facility)
・Yamaga Tourou Museum
・TAKEMA valley campground
・Campsite of Yatani valley (campground, camp ground)
・Campsite of Yatani valley (depths Yatani Valley shiningly)

About "support Mt. #" project

Let's heap up restaurant of Yamaga through SNS!
"Mt. # is support" project

We have takeout delivery of local delicious thing simply because it is such time, and let's enjoy at home♪
Contribution of Yamaga citizens leads to introduction and support of restaurant!
Please cooperate.

<support method>
①Takeout, delivery gourmet are purchased by restaurant in Yamaga-shi.
②At home of gourmet take a picture, and please have deliciously.
③We put all following "# hashtags" in your SNS and post.
    #Support # mountain is rice # store name mountain  
④The use of another store, please last while reading your contribution. 

In Yamaga-shi turnout creation meeting, we introduce with "shop rice in information of restaurant which is available for takeout delivery in house".
Check it out!

Publication shop offer of takeout delivery gourmet site "it is house shop rice"

With infection spread of now new coronavirus, it is cancellation of event and banquet, visit visitor by self-restraint of going out·There is serious influence in various quarters including decrease of tourist.

Therefore, in Yamaga-shi turnout creation meeting (Yamaga-shi, Yamaga-shi business and industry society, Yamaga Chamber of Commerce and Industry), establish this special page, for sitting consumption, is takeout·We place information of restaurant which is available for delivery and aim at being connected for even slightly local consumption awakening in the current situation.

It is person doing business in Yamaga-shi that can publish and limits to office which buys to go, and performs door-to-door parcel delivery service of food and drink.

We support, everyone·We would appreciate your cooperation.

We can easily perform application for publication from this.
Takeout delivery gourmet site "shop rice in house"

Contact information Yamaga Chamber of Commerce and Industry 0968-43-4111