Kikuka Onsen

Quiet village hot water of among the mountains with history of about 1,300 years. We are popular among women as "hot water of makeup" that skin becomes beautiful.

History of hot spring

Kikuka Onsen that has been ever called Awasegawa Onsen is hot-spring village with history that was endowed with high quality hot water for approximately 1,300 years. Temperature is high, and hot water of thick unique feel is popular with women as "hot water of makeup".

We greet for open-air bath, cypress bath where view has good four spa facilities among quiet rural sceneries, smart bath which did Kikuti castle in motif, hot water which variety including family bath is rich in and warm human empathy.

Temperature, spring quality, color

Alkaline simple spring


Neuralgia, stiff and painful shoulder of fifty years of age, poor circulation


Kikukamachi tourist association (the chrysanthemum deer synthesis branch civic life section) TEL: 0968-48-3111