Taisho romance is European-style building where there is and enjoys traditional art

Yamaga lantern museum

Country designated traditional industrial art object "Yamaga garden lantern." Yamaga garden lantern made only with Japanese paper and a little seaweed is described as the acme of Japanese paper industrial arts by delicacy and beauty. We display many masterpieces of Yamaga garden lantern in Yamaga lantern museum. Please enjoy the world of "Yamaga garden lantern" which can be called pronoun of Yamaga slowly.

Yamaga garden lantern

We think about delicacy of Yamaga garden lantern and inherited koku.

The traditional skill that the history of Yamaga garden lantern is old, and is inherited from the far-off Muromachi era. Yamaga nomachibito dedicated to Omiya Shrine in the city from ancient times, and craftsmen came to make various works during long history. We display excellent work including garden lantern which is famous for shrine-style, castle structure, room structure, arrow pot, birdcage, 1,000 garden lantern dances.

Production studio

We mention the splendid skill of master of garden lantern.

We call craftsman producing garden lantern "master of garden lantern" in Yamaga. You can see the production demonstration in annex. We need high technique and mastery of skills to become master of garden lantern, and period of approximately ten years is necessary to become full-fledged. We are producing Yamaga garden lantern in six masters of garden lantern, master of garden lantern probation three, nine people in total now.

The Ichiro Tsuruta original picture

Elegant garden lantern daughter whom great master of painting of beauties draws.

As for the poster of Yamaga garden lantern Festival, Ichiro Tsuruta from Kumamoto is dealt with, but displays the original picture which had you donate so far every year.

Tsuruta (tsuruta) Ichiro (Ichiro)

Illustrator, painter. We are from Amakusa-shi, Kumamoto for 1,950 years.

After Tama Art University graduation, we announce work at home and abroad. Painting of beauties to draw by original touch is appointed in many aspects including title back of advertisement and TV drama of "NOEVIR cosmetics". We continue dealing with poster image of "Yamaga garden lantern Festival" from 1989.

The history of Yamaga lantern museum

The palace of Yamaga garden lantern which took help of historic reproduction as cultural assets

We think about delicacy of Yamaga garden lantern and inherited koku.

Building of Yamaga lantern museum was built as Yasuda Bank Yamaga Branch in 1925 (Taisho 14), and was used afterwards as Higo Bank Yamaga Branch until 1973 (Showa 48).

The solid appearance is Romanesque-style, and the inside receives designation in registration tangible cultural property of country as valuable document conveying old bank architecture in now in 2002.