List of Yamaga videos

Be in love with Yamaga

It is seasonal video which we introduced of Yamaga.

"It is Kita bear time trip" Kumamoto north combination sightseeing PR movie

The combination sightseeing PR movie third of the Kumamoto north area (Tamana-shi, Yamaga-shi, Kikuchi-shi, Nagomi-machi) was completed.
In "Kita bears has expectation commentary, introduction from historical person with connection history researcher "white horse princess Tomi" played an active part in theme called time trip" as woman in career of Hakata (consider to be the milt paralysis) at spot to the prefectural north.
Yamaga-shi passes to father (Nagaaki Hoashi) and Matsuzaka to transcript Kojiki of Norinaga Motoori and has you take up Hoashi Kyoto (Misato) that you make manuscript and took to go.
As the Tamana, Kikuchi, sum water becomes interesting contents each, please see by all means.

Charm of yamaga hot springs "Sakura-yu"

"Sakura-yu" which is former times citizen's hot spring which was just reproduced

Yamaga garden lantern Festival 2013

We send held traditional Yamaga garden lantern Festival and tourist attraction in Yamaga-shi in atmospheric beautiful picture and music every year in Yamaga-shi, Kumamoto.

yoheho clause (for dance exercise)