On this homepage, we perform the appropriate handling based on "Yamaga-shi ordinance of privacy protection" about personal information that can identify individuals of full name, address, phone number, e-mail address in deference to your read privacy.

Privacy Policy

In the use of some contents, we may have you input personal information such as full name, contact information of user from the necessary top analyzing need of reply or opinion that we had and send. About personal information that we collected, we do not perform use that we state the purpose clearly and surpass purpose of collection, offer to third party of the personal information concerned. But it is not this limit when there is fate in case and laws and ordinances getting consent of user or the regulations. We use technique called "Cookie" to offer service easy to use for user on our homepage. "Cookie" is technique when Web server distinguishes your computer, but does not acquire information to identify individual.

Link policy

As a general rule, link to homepage is free. But it is said that address to link is only link to access https://yamaga-tanbou.jp directly, and please specify that it is link to Yamaga-shi official site. When content of link former site is against public order and morals, by original judgment of site webmaster, we may demand deletion of link or correction. In addition, we do not accept mutual links except public institution.

Copyright Policy

All image, layout, design of Yamaga-shi homepage and the copyrights about structure belong to Yamaga-shi. We quote all documents published in Yamaga-shi homepage without permission of city without permission and forbid reproduction, to process.


Yamaga-shi stops homepage without prior notice to user by maintenance or trouble of server and may change all or a part of stop or the contents. By communication of user or computer environment, homepage may not be available unlike thing which Yamaga-shi aimed at normally. In addition, we publish the contents in our homepage when we change contents of privacy policy. We do not inform user of individual treatment.