ジャンル:イベント 男性 35歳

It was provoked by friend and served as drive and went to see HYAKKAHYAKUSAI.
We intended to take a walk through BUZEN highway as arrival was early,
It had been cold and still entered metro cafe to take the warmth.
Other visitors and shop which sat in the neighbor when we drank coffee at counter
While it swelled in story of R & B and thought "when shall we join?" the outside became dark.

People like visitor set fire to light of bamboo when over cafe.
We knew later, but what we instigated other than the staff seemed to be good.
I am going to fire on the next time, too.

When the sun completely sets, BUZEN highway lighted up by light gives off unique atmosphere,
We regretted why you had come between men whereas it was very fantastic.
When we go next, we want to go with girl.

As they were quite cold, cold protection measures are required.