Puppy gourd festival

ジャンル:イベント 男性 26歳

By festival of Yasaka-jinja Shrine in the precincts of Omiya Shrine of Yamaga-shi, we went to puppy gourd feast day.

It is festival to be held in Yasaka-jinja Shrine (the Omiya Shrine precincts) on June 15 every year.
Beginning of festival is said to be last years of Edo era.
It was a certain age, and contagious disease was prevalent and was completely at a loss even if country women of Yamaga prayed for every epidemic breaking up as it had no effect.
God of Gion will take pillow then, "current small shrine (small shrine) is dirty in low land. It was told, move Imperial Palace to place of slightly elevated Sugiyama.
Therefore we build Yasaka-jinja Shrine which there was in mansion of village headman of Nakamura in current precinct of a Shinto shrine and will do utsushiza (senza).
It has disappeared in the safety then without puppy appearing without from where, and working as cortege (gubu) on mikoshi (mikoshi), and leaving when we finished utsushiza. Afterwards, epidemic disappears.
In the country women, it was said, "those puppies must be incarnation of Gion or gifts" and we made liquor which Gion liked with powder of rice with "gourd" which could enter and came to decorate figure of puppy as lucky charm of incantation against the plague in corner of room for one year.
When it drizzles on this day, it is said that it is sure to get good harvest.

In addition, we say "first katabira" on day of the Gion festival, and, as for the natives, there is custom that begins to wear yukata from this day.
Young woman and small child come with yukata look, and it is one of the charming sights of Yamaga.