Yamaga garden lantern Festival dedication garden lantern

ジャンル:観光 男性 26歳

To inhabitants of a ward, we assume announcement of garden lantern earlier and go around authority of deer school ward where we live in from the evening.
We dedicate enshrined Mount Tarumae Shrine (tarumaezanjinja) to Hokkaido this year.
It is Shinto shrine which is the only power spot in Hokkaido.

This garden lantern on the night of 16th "Hi is touirou! Hi we dedicate as rise garden lantern in cane low and loud voice in Omiya Shrine.
Garden lantern includes Shinto shrine and doll, gold garden lantern, but there is inviolable rule by all means.
1.What do not use tree and metal fittings at all, and is made only with Japanese paper and a little paste
2.The inside being hollow up to pillar and shoji, san
3.Being made with original scale, and not being simple miniature
From this, was appointed to traditional craft of country.

Rise garden lantern which dedicates garden lantern to brightness of garden lantern shining in darkness of jet black, 1,000 fantastic garden lantern dances, Omiya Shinto shrine
The town of Yamaga becomes flooded with garden lantern.