Yamaga sweet bean jelly

Specialty snacks which represent Yamaga district

Japanese confectionery which we wrapped in oxhide which went, and steamed nonglutinuous rice, and formed bean jam of modest sweetness. It is noted product snacks representing Yamaga called winding yokan by in old days from unique form.



Opening hours:
8:00-19:00 (finished as soon as it is sold out)
Regular holiday
Monday (in the case of holiday the next day)

Lantern rice crackers

Traditional cake which has been got close to for many years

It is tradition cake of Yamaga tasting easy who works out only in moisture of egg without using water, and baked.


Garden lantern monaka

Specialty snacks which represent Yamaga district

In form that modelled "garden lantern" which women pick up on head in Yamaga garden lantern festival held in August, bean jam is plentiful in crispy skin of every year. Garden lantern-shaped monaka is representative souvenir of Yamaga. Leather nice smell and mellow sweetness of bean jam spread in mouth. Please enjoy each sweetness and form of three long-established stores.


Takema tea

Classic famous tea of mellow, refined taste

Classic brand that tea of Yamaga cultivated in among the mountains has been given as dear tea of the Higo feudal lord Hosokawas from the Edo era. We are popular in high aroma and colorful green, mellow, refined taste.


Yamaga garden lantern [country-designated traditional craft]

Traditional craft of Kumamoto reaching Yamaga from the Muromachi era

Tradition craft (is appointed to traditional craft of country in December, 2013) of Kumamoto where garden lantern not to use tree and metal fittings at all, and to make only with Japanese paper and a little paste reaches Yamaga from the Muromachi era. It is finished up to the details by hand of master of garden lantern with expertise precisely and is said to be work of art of paper. There are various styles including gold garden lantern and room structure.
In addition, there are mobile "TouRou" and yamanote such as "me who smell" of "fragrant objet" and original product by Yamaga garden lantern promotion fair which reconstitute color and form, and were created.


Kutami fan

Hue to add to taste so as to use has many fans

Traditional craft that Kutami fan has been inherited for 400 years from the Edo era. The next people were known as production center of round fan along with Kyoto and Marugame. Particularly, round fan which craftsman handcrafts using technique to apply persimmon juice to part of Japanese paper is famous. Fan is many special products in unique hue to add to taste so as to use.



Fresh wine which we were particular about from material to production

As a result of building up from zero for passion of brewer and cultivation farmhouse, and having pursued the best quality, many wonderful wine is born. We are developing limited wine to be able to taste only in chrysanthemum deer winery.
In addition, in shop to add, we sell gelato and special product of sweets and Yamaga using chestnut of special product changing in season.



Well-established rice dealer who is particular about meter

Well-established warehouseman "sake brewing of TIYONOSONO" with history founded in 1896 (Meiji 29). The material has been wholesale rice dealer and performs sake brewing with strong feelings for rice. Local sake to make with high quality Higo rice and water is exquisite.



Fruity flavor of good quality sake brewed from the finest rice

Raw materials use 100% of Kumamoto Hinohikari from the northern part of a castle. It is the fragrant, high new U.S. shochu which technique for making quality sake brewed from the finest rice and technique for making shochu fuse, and was created.


「YUMEKOMACHI」 homemade kumquat <shipment time from January to March>

The best quality that included heavy taste and high nutritive value

Fully-ripe 「YUMEKOMACHI」 homemade kumquat of Yamaga lets you ripen fully in state growing by thorough cultivation management slowly and carefully. We can enjoy heavy taste that refreshing acidity of citrus fruit system, leather easy bitterness, strong sweetness were clogged up tightly. In addition, we include vitamin C and calcium in richness, and the feature is that it includes high nutritive value.


Chestnut <shipment time from the end of August to November>

Chestnut of Yamaga-shi is Kumamoto's best amount of production

We are proud of Kumamoto's best amount of production, and chestnut of Yamaga-shi is harvested from the end of August through November. In addition, is sold to a lot of artefacts such as chestnut dumpling or sweets which are local cuisine with each store, product building in the city.

Each Yamaga city product building