Nitirin temple

The whole area is dyed red-hot at time of azalea. Historic spots such as Hair of the deceased tower about 47 ronin, stone tablet of Basho Matsuo are protected and do well as famous spot for its cherry blossoms.

It was made founding as temple of Tendai sect in the Heian era, and Nitirin temple (nichirinji) was changed to Soto sect in the Kamakura era. It is famous temple with a venerable history protected more carefully than Taketoki Kikuchi, Kiyomasa Kato, feudal lord of Tadatoshi Hosokawa and others each generation. While we developed land for azalea raising of seedling garden in Nitirin temple mountain behind in 1969, Ryuo mountain ancient tomb where was in the first half of Burial Mound age was discovered and attracted public attention. There are many historic spots in the precincts because it is temple with long history. There is hair of the deceased tower which put hair of the deceased of 17 person including Kuranosuke Oishi Yoshio who was not obtained in Hosokawa feudal clan among five-ring tower of sokujoryoshinsokakuama in Takeshi Kikuchi and temple bell (1358 product) of having the maker's name inscribed, stone body Kannon 33, the Forty-Seven Loyal Retainers known as Chushingura. "Royal retainers Festival" is held every year on anniversary of death of royal retainers of February 4.
In addition, in spring, 35,000 azaleas are in full glory in mountain behind of 142m above sea level from about 200 cherry blossoms, middle of April from the end of March, and the whole area is dyed red and white, pinkness (as for the kind kurume, Yodogawa, Satsuki). It is full of many cherry blossom viewing visitors, tourists very much in the best time to see.

Untie; place south no tokidokoronamu

There is restaurant that can taste Buddhist cuisine in the Nitirin temple precincts.

"Untie; say place south nothing", and full-scale Buddhist cuisine using wild plants and Goma-dofu which chief priest oneself adopted in mountain may have.
[the location] 1607, Sugi, Yamaga-shi (the Nitirin temple precincts)
Opening hours: From 12:00 to 21:00  ※It completely needs reservations
[regular holiday] The uncertainty
Contact Untie; place south no TEL.0968-44-4383

Facility information

The location 〒861-0552 1607, Sugi, Yamaga-shi
TEL 0968-43-5802
Parking lot Available
Access It is about 20 minutes to the Yamaga area in prefectural road Route 16 from Kyushu Expressway Kikusui IC

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