Inn Izumi

It is plentiful in each hot spring for 24 hours! With bath flowing constantly from the source.

Kumamoto, yamaga hot springs which was known as "Bihada-no-Yu" from the old days of Heian. For each one source, the spring qualities are delicately different.
Simple spring alkaline in the hot spring of our accommodation. Own house origin is in site, and quantity of water is abundant so as to be surprised.
Generally, hot water which it is said to that it is fresh if there is 20ℓ every minute is flowing constantly from the source, and it can fully use every minute luxuriously more than 30ℓ.
36.3 degrees Celsius that senon is near temperature. Long hot water gadekirunurumenoo bath is with mind and body disease, but is reliable.
As we can regulate temperature, favorite person is all right hot water, too. In addition, melty feeling of hot water, soft and smooth feeling are overwhelming.
pH level seems to be able to expect fair skin effect too in 9.41 to greatly exceed standard, too.
Appearance such as "detached room" not to care about and family-like atmosphere are most suitable for hot spring cure of family with small child and advanced age.
Please thoroughly enjoy charm of hot water only in here in inn "Izumi".

Facility information

The location 〒861-0512 405-1, Izumimachi, Yamaga-shi
TEL 0968-43-2708
Rate Accommodation/(per night with breakfast) 6,600 yen (tax-included) ..., (room without meals) 5,600 yen (tax-included) ...
Opening hours: In 10:30-15:00 three hours (break)
Regular holiday None

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