Kumairi hot spirings center

It is nature and straw of yuon three phases or hot spring.

"Kumairi Onsen" that the north, simple spa atmosphere become popular a little from Yamaga city area, and bather from Fukuoka visits a lot including the north of the prefecture.
Around the Engen year about 700 years ago, it is said that public vassal, hachibanyashiro discovered in Takeshi Kikuchi (we come and die and are good at) now. In the Tensho era year (1573-1591), we settled as "flat hot water" to pour free and were got close as oasis of people and traveler of neighboring villages until around 1887. In the days of spring cherry blossoms, Sakura Festival is held every year in storehouse mound park nearby.

Facility information

The location 〒861-0511 72, Kumairimachi, Yamaga-shi
TEL 0968-44-5810
Rate 250 yen for adults, dwarf (primary schoolchild or younger) 150 yen
Opening hours: 6:00-22:30
Regular holiday 3 first Wednesday
Access From Kikusui interchange about 20 minutes
From garden plant interchange about 20 minutes

Location Map