Family hot spring hiraogi

A time of ease to appear until heart

As we can enjoy various hot springs in large space, one-day fatigue is healed, too.
Please spend a time to use the ventilation and arteriosclerosis, high blood pressure, chronic gallbladder flame, cholelithiasis, chronic dermatopathia, chronic woman's illness for effect gaaruhiraogino hot water such as wound, diabetes, and to be relieved.

Facility information

The location 〒861-0556 5579, Hirayama, Yamaga-shi
TEL 0968-44-1821
Rate One (three/50 minutes) 800 yen
One (three/50 minutes) 1,000 yen
Special room (five/50 minutes) 1,500 yen

<additional charge>
Adult (as for every one increase) 200 yen
Dwarf (as for every one increase) 100 yen

<coupon/11 sheets>
7,000 yen
8,000 yen
Opening hours: 8:00-21:50 (reception desk)
Regular holiday Year round

Location Map