Product museum of Kaou

There are "warmth" and "taste" of hometown here

Dome-shaped building in the foot of way following tomb of two mounds ancient tomb has a shape of melon and watermelon which are special product,
There are rare dishes using ancient rice which there is not and souvenir only here.
In addition, wisteria such as "double black dragon wisteria" which is rare in the whole country over May from the end of April
For the mid-June and early August, about 20 kinds of lotuses are in full glory including "Oga lotus" (ancient lotus) and are full of many people.

◯Contact building (product building, gallery)
◯YASURAGI-KAN (restaurant)
◯Mt. village building (direct sale places such as farm products, wisteria trellis, ancient lotus garden)

Facility information

The location 〒861-0561 2965, Kaomachiiwabaru, Yamaga-shi
TEL 0968-36-3838
Parking lot Available
Opening hours: Usually
(direct sale place 8:00 ...)

During lotus Festival period
7:00~ (only in the direct sale place)
Regular holiday Monday (at the age of holiday the next day)
Access It is about ten minutes by car from Yamaga city area

Location Map